"The Plan"
Book One, Chapter Five
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Page "0353"
Story by
Written by Michelle Czajkowski
Storyboard by Michelle Czajkowski
Directed by Michelle Czajkowski
Songs "The Demon"
The Plan

The Plan

"The Plan" is the comic's third animation, appearing on page 0353. It is set to "The Demon" by William Ascenzo, music which was created for the comic specifically. It marks the first appearance of Wrathia's plan.


In the safety of Gil's bathroom, Ava opens her chest drawer for the first time. As she opens it, yellow stardust and dragonflies fly out. The drawer is shown to contain the book of wrath, Wrathia's plan of revenge. As Ava opens the book, some significant objects are revealed for the first time; the Limbo Lenses along with a diagram of their usage, and the seven vials of potion. Several pages of the plan are shown, containing pictures of Wrathia's warriors; there is particular emphasis on certain warriors, including Pedri, Tuls and Nevy, and finally a photo of TITAN with symbolic black splatters of ink.

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