"Moribund Malediction"
Book ?, Chapter Seventeen
Moribund Malediction
Page "1546"
Story by
Written by Michelle Czajkowski
Storyboard by Michelle Czajkowski
Directed by Michelle Czajkowski
Songs "Moribund Malediction" (Song)
Moribund Malediction

Moribund Malediction

"Moribund Malediction" is the fifth animation featured in the story. It appears on page 1546. It displays the battle between Ava (With the influence of the Red Vial) and Strategos Six.


The battle starts with Six charging at Ava with their sword. Ava tries to block them with her battle axe but they jump on it, performing a back-flip. During their landing, they transform their sword into a gun called "Peacemaker." Six shoots multiple lasers at Ava but she gracefully bends backward and dodges all of the bullets. Ava begins her counter attack by casting a spell that floods the room in lava and summons a gigantic pair of hands that burst up through the floor. Skeletons of burning followers drift through the lava. Cabinets like in Ava's Mind appear around the emerging hands. Meanwhile, Maggie drags Gil away as he looks at Ava. Ava summons many gigantic, horrific statues, and finally the pair of hands emerges completely, revealing a statue resembling Wrathia. She giggles and moves her body and her hands. With every flourishing movement, multiple eyes and an X-ray of a dragonfly are overlaid on her. At the end of her movement, she summons 4 monstrous dragonflies and commands them to attack Six. Six, knowing that they can't defend against them, gives up. After the attack, Six is grabbed by demons and dragged down into the lava. Soon after, the ground cools and Six's sword falls down, striking the ground. Somewhere else, an unconscious Odin's handcuffs are unlocked by one of Ava's dragonflies.

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