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"Maggie's Garden"
Book two, Chapter ten
Page "0893"
Story by
Written by Michelle Czajkowski
Storyboard by Michelle Czajkowski
Directed by Michelle Czajkowski
Songs "Maggie's Garden"
Maggie's Garden

Maggie's Garden

"Maggie's Garden" is the fourth animation. Featured on page 0893. It is the first time we see a demon using magic to aid their host, and is focused on the creation of Maggie's Rose.


Maggie Lacivi and Tuls Tenebrose face each other; Maggie appears happy and confident, whilst Tuls appears solemn. He closes his eyes in concentration, whilst some of the fairies he created to flatter Maggie watch on with curiosity. Gil's book is covered with soil, and the rose seed is planted on top of it. The soil begins to glow with a blue light. Tuls' eyes also begin to glow, and he places his hands above the mound of soil; as he does this, the blue rose begins to rapidly sprout and bloom. Once it has fully grown, he gives the rose and the book back to Maggie, who takes them. She appears sad as she presses her face to the flower tenderly. Tuls looks on with concern. Maggie then places the flower in her stomach door, and the animation ends.


  • The animation here is of notably higher quality and detail than previous animations; where previously, segments would be a mixture of both stationary art and animated figures, here almost everything is animated, even if making only subtle gestures. This could be due to the fact that this is the first animation Michelle has done since making the comic her full-time job, therefore giving her more time to work on the quality of her art.
  • The song used is made by Clark Powell.
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