"End of Chapter One"
Book One, Chapter One
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Page "0061"
Story by
Written by Michelle Czajkowski
Storyboard by Michelle Czajkowski
Directed by Michelle Czajkowski
Songs "Time For Us"
End of Chapter One

End of Chapter One

"End of Chapter One" is the first animation featured in the story. As the name suggests, it marks the end of the first chapter, and the beginning of Ava's journey. It appears on page 61.


At the start of the animation, Ava Ire finds herself in Odin's spaceship, which she has stowed away on, Wrathia appears at her back with a look of curiosity. The spaceship takes off. She begins to suffocate from lack of oxygen, until she finds and puts on an oxygen mask. She watches as the school planet is obliterated by scavengers. She shields her eyes from the glare, then begin to cry as Wrathia again appears at her back, this time smiling. As she sadly watches the rubble drift about, she curls up into the fetal position.


  • Being the first animation, it isn't very animated and doesn't have a great quality, however, it had great reception by the fans.
  • The song of the animation is Time For Us by Elsiane.
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